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NOTE: The day of the individual BBS is over, but files formerly downloadable from SAPF's FreedomNet BBS are now available here on the Internet.

All downloadable files are compressed in PKZIP format and must be expanded with a utility such as WinZIP or PKUNZIP. (Note: Windows XP has this capability built-in.) Contents are ASCII text unless otherwise indicated.

Founding Documents

What happened to the signers of the declaration of independence? This is the price they paid... View Download
U.S. Constitution in Windows Help File Format. View Download
First Continental Congress. View Download
Albany Plan of Union, written by Ben Franklin. View Download
Articles of Confederation. View Download
Connecticut Constitution of 1818. View Download
Cod Fishery Debates, U.S. Congress 1792. View Download
Common Sense by Thomas Paine. View Download
U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. View Download
George Washington's farewell address of 1796. View Download
Federal farmer letters, 1787. View Download
The Federalist Papers. View Download
Pre-Constitution documents. View Download
More Pre-Constitution documents. View Download
U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and more. Shareware program allows searching and retrieval of text. View Download
Constitutions of several countries and U.N. Limited hypertext and graphics. View Download

Money/Federal Reserve

The Fed and financial stability of the U.S. (from the Congressional Record 1/31/95). View Download
Court rules that the Federal Reserve is privately owned. View Download
Effects of the Federal Reserve on the middle class. View Download
Letter to the Editor regarding Federal Reserve "misconceptions." View Download
"The End of Ordinary Money" -- Articles on money, encryption, banking, drug dealing, and related topics. View Download
Article by former Fed chairman B. Ruml states that taxes for revenue are obsolete (Jan. 1946). View Download

IRS and Income Tax

Full text of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the U.S. v. Cheek case. View Download
Time Magazine article on "craziness" of the income tax. View Download
IRS agents permitted to use phony names on the job. View Download
Associated Press article on Gabe Scott criminal tax acquittal in Alaska. View Download
Transcript excerpts from Gabe Scott trial. View Download
Financial audits of IRS by General Accounting Office reveal serious problems. View Download
IRS "Business Vision" plans for the future. View Download

Social Security

Procedure for objecting to unwanted SSN assigned at birth. Direct from 1992 SSA policy manual. View Download
EEOC case from Dallas, TX concludes that one does not need to have a Social Security number to obtain and keep a job. View Download
Congressional Report Service report on the chronology of SSN usage. "SIMDOC" format with MS-DOS based viewer. View Download

Disclaimer: Files available for download may contain information not authored or researched by the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship.   Although SAPF endeavors to present only factual information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of research done by others.   Please us if you believe any of the material presented here to be innacurate.

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