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The Save-A-Patriot Fellowship (SAPF) and Patriot Defense Fellowship (PDF) membership agreements detail the benefits and obligations of membership. (Note that participation in the Patriot Defense Fellowship is an adjunct to SAPF membership and is not available separately.) DUE TO COURT ORDER, MEMBERSHIP IN THE PATRIOT DEFENSE FELLOWSHIP IS UNAVAILABLE. To understand this action please read the court pleadings found in the "DOJ Complaint" section of this website.

The following files are in Adobe Acrobat format:

    SAPF Membership Agreement (approx. 140K bytes)

(If you are joining SAPF, please note: The only portions of the Agreement now in effect appear on the membership application in BLUE PRINT. Therefore, the membership fee at this time is 99 FRNS annually.)

PDF Membership Agreement (unavailable)

(The free Acrobat reader may be obtained from adobe.com.)

You may also call or write us for printed copies of the above documents:

Save-A-Patriot Fellowship
P.O. Box 2464
Westminster, MD 21157

410-857-4441 (Voice) / 410-857-5249 (Fax) /

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